Jeff Weinberger

Senior Vice President, Client Relations

Jeff brings to the Cornerstone team a passion for detailed, excellence-focused operational implementation. He has a strong service focus with a passion for delivering solutions that exceed expectations. Jeff recognizes that every interaction with our customers can be used to advance client image and reputation while improving the customer’s overall experience. Jeff reminds on-site leadership regularly, “We cannot assume that a customer knows where to go, or if they want to use a particular parking service. We need to greet each person to learn how we can help them best”.

Jeff’s engineering background and 13 years serving in healthcare parking capacities correlate directly with growing client assets entrusted to our care. Clients want to be heard and understood and Jeff realizes this process cannot be rushed or skipped. There must be a link between what clients ask for and the service the front line delivers. Jeff brings vast expertise of breaking down what can be seemingly complex client needs to simple steps for front-line staff implementation and execution.