On-site Leadership

On-Site Parking Leadership

Engaged & Visible Leaders

We don’t just sign a contract with you then disappear. You will have a Cornerstone Leader on-site who will manage all facets of the parking operation. They will take direction and work closely with you in conjunction with Cornerstone senior and executive leadership. Our leaders aren’t just hidden in some office, but rather practice MBWA (Management by Walking Around); they are engaged and regularly work alongside the line staff to build teamwork and role-model desired behaviors.

Servant Leadership

“If you aren’t serving the customer you better be serving someone who is”

- Karl Albrecht

Cornerstone takes a “servant leadership” approach, meaning that the goal of leadership – at all levels - is to ensure that their team has the tools they need to do their job, and to treat their employees with the same care and courtesy that we want them to show our customers. On-site managers are supported by the HR, Loss Prevention, IT, Finance, and Marketing teams at HQ, who understand that their role is to support those in the field who are the “face” of Cornerstone and of your operation.

Leadership Site Walks

Location site walks are scheduled each quarter with executive, senior leadership and location management which provide a fresh pair of eyes and an opportunity for senior leadership to:

  • Ensure the visual appeal (customer impressions) of the operation
  • Review signage placement, messaging, and effectiveness
  • Identify potential improvements to customer processes
  • Identify technology needs to improve efficiency and process
  • Communicate to junior leaders our basic visual expectations and get feedback from them on how we can better support them.

Last year Cornerstone parked over 4.2 million vehicles.